Please see below for our list of the current programs offered by PACE Soccer.



3-6 Ages


2 Sessions / week

An early introduction to soccer where your child will learn the fundamentals while having lots of fun along the way! Registration fees include uniform that you get to keep. 



6-8 Ages


2 Sessions / week

Building off the foundations learned in U6, more advanced skills are taught along with the introduction of larger scrimmages each weekend. Registration fees include uniform that you get to keep. 



8-12 Ages

Boys & Girls

2 Sessions / week

Preparing the player’s for Lower Island Soccer League, players will learn more advanced techniques to be successful along with some of the finer details of the sport such as throw-ins and off-sides. Registration fees include uniform that you get to keep.

Our Programs

“Talent without work and direction is simply Potential”

Thus, it is the mission of PACE Soccer to provide dedicated and comprehensive instruction to elite players in order that they may hone: physical , technical, tactical, and emotional aspect of their game.

The mission as stated will be accomplished by:

Quality comprehensive instruction for not only “on the field” responsibilities, but off the field as well: promoting “Athletic Lifestyle”
Splitting off season into 2 Programs
Technical skills, strength training
Team play: positional responsibilities, technical skills, and conditioning in preparation for the upcoming season
Maintaining workable Coach/player ratio. (Group Size: 1-18 … yes the group may just consist of single player.. Quality vs. Quantity)
Challenge players to high expectation
Professional atmosphere
Competition, Intensity, focus is promoted
Provide atmosphere that is conducive to laying out the pathway to one’s goal.

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We are Passionate about the Beautiful Game.
We are Passionate about the players.


Attitude is infectious.
Is yours worth catching...
Positive Attitude,
Positive Energy!


Commitment to the Game.
We are invested in your child's soccer development. Players before profits!


A constant and never-ending pursuit of excellence.
Coaches and Players.

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